Friday, October 1, 2010

I don't know if it has been said as I don't really proof read or update often, but I have been working at Elixir Tattoo as an apprentice under a great artist by the name of Ty Armstrong. It's been going really well and I have tattooed myself as well as several other people. I'm definitely still learning, as I always will be, but I'm now licensed and making money doing what I love. It's hard to believe that I'm one step closer to my dream, but it's entirely exhilarating. I'm getting closer and closer to supporting myself as an artist and gaining the name and recognition I for some reason want. I have loved this uphill battle because I have seen what it has done to me as an artist. I look forward to a steeper climb and a taller peak. Hopefully I'm just packing for my trek up Everest and not halfway up the facade. Only time will tell. Enjoy some of the new artwork and be on the look out for much more recent stuff some time around the 11th of October. It'll be rad. I promise.

"Hello, Death."
This has to be one of my more favorite pieces I've done over the past few months. Both conceptually and artistically. I really liked the ways this piece could be taken. I don't know if he's waving at his buddies in the air, and if that's the case death will soon follow or if he is waving at some heavenly being ironically avoiding being dinner. Artistically he is and will always be my steam punk vulture resulting from an accident.

"POKEY, POKey, pokey?"
Love the child-like, maniacal wonder of children and death. Explored that in this piece. It was rather fun if you ask me.

"I Plagiarize Jeremy Fish's Spirit"
This piece has a severe Jeremy Fish style to it in my opinion and it was done so rather unintentionally. Just kind of grew more and more in space and finally it became a surreal pen and ink drawing. Felt like i wash channeling the man for a minute, hence the title.

"Father and Son"
Card design for my father on Father's day. Not much more to say than that. The implications of the relationship should be apparent as is the meaning.

"Biomech Sleeve Design 1"

One of my first homework assignments at Elixir Tattoo as an apprentice. Not much to say about it other than anyone wanna get it as a half sleeve?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Self Portrait done in January 2010

Oyfish. Limited edition Lino. Series of 4.

45$ Each.

If interested/questions email:

The Great Octo V. The Mighty Owl

Original drawing for sale


If interested/questions email:

My Muse.

Done as a study of Photoshop Brushes.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mass upload of Artwork.

You wont see this anywhere else. It's a work in progress exclusive to the blog. Gotta dig Kiddo.

The Floating Isle. Acrylic on recycled paper.

My newest piece. Finished it on Monday of this week. It's just a quick sketch of a bird in photoshop. Nothing spectacular really.

This was done for the sixth month anniversary that my girlfriend and I just shared. I'm rather fond of it.

I wanted to show contrast in non-living things by using shape and color. I'm rather fond of this piece. I am absolutely willing to part with it though.

A piece I did in regards to an ex that I have. I needed to gain closure and what better way than a emotional bullet to her brain. This one is absolutely for sale.

An abstract octopus I did for water color class. At the moment the original is for sale. It's cheap too.

An idea I had about those little segments in movies about going to the snack bar. They really annoy me...a lot. But at the same time i do like how iconic they've become. Regardless, I thought to myself, what if someone got so annoyed that they shot the popcorn. And this is the result. Yes, this is also for sale.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Taking a break to update this beast

I want ice cream. Ice cream wants hot dog. The vicious circle of life continues

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I should be studying for my test but I'm posting a blog instead

This is a quick little vector image I did of two love birds. It's pretty huh? I really like the colors and well I like the whole thing actually.

This would be a collaboration that I did with a fellow artist on deviant art. I did the colors he did the lines. His page would be Go show him some love

Another collab. The lines are done by Lauren Montgomery and I did the colors.

Another collab with Charles Holbert Jr. He did the lines I did the colors

Now I suppose I should go freakin study. I am about sick of this art appreciation class. So many tests in it. So much information on each test. Blah.

Most Recent Art

This was drawn from a picture I saw on the back of an AP magazine. It is rather unfinished in my opinion and I probably will never pick it up again. I believe I am much like Da Vinci in that sense. I start a lot of art, but it takes a ton of energy for me to finish it. I really hate finishing a lot of my work. I think of it as a good movie that you don't really want to end, and then when it truly does end it is rarely as good as you had hoped and rather cliche most of the time. When I leave my art unfinished then I am never disappointed...then again never astounded either, but my imagination is allowed to wander and envision how it should be completed. I guess this is just what is best for me, but it is rather selfish.

Now this little guy is fun. We are having a good time together at the moment. I drew him straight onto the canvas in Painter x and just kind have gone from there. I think I might do that more often. The only thing I miss is the inability to get truly crisp lines in painter. That, however, is my graphic tablet's fault. I'm getting a Wacom for Christmas and then I can finally toss that damn Adesso in the trash. He's been a good tablet though, I mustn't be to hard on him. He (the graphics tablet) has, jeeze, four or five years under his belt. Which is really good for the crappy quality it was to begin with. I went with the Adesso because at that time I was going to be a pharmacist, and art really wasn't even an option. Then one day I said dad, I'm not going to do it that way, I'm going to live life how I actually want to...even though that money would be nice. Then the next day I changed my major to graphic design and haven't even looked back...but I do wish I got a wacom then. Woo new Wacom though. Guess who's excited? This guy ;) Anyways...see the rambling I talked about in the profile, this rat guy is fun and purple (Violet, I know, my art teacher would kill me for that, but purple sounds better) He is fun and purple and has an amazing nose. We talk to each other at night, okay, not really, but I wish we did. It would be fun. I'll finish this guy soon, I like him to much not to.

This would be the caterpillar from Alice, but in my style. He's super super rough and I'm going to go back and draw him out first. He's to hard not to nail down on paper. But as a little teaser, I am working on all the characters from Alice...including Alice this time. I'm going for a emo/gothic look and the way this guy is right now doesn't speak that at all. I see it though. This was only about 20 mins in Painter so don't take it as stone right now. Just thought I'd give you all a little sneaky poo. Ha ha gross.

This is just a little spray can fellow that I drew in my art class one morning. He was so fun I decided to color him. He's rough and technically a WIP, but I doubt he'll ever get finished.

And now for life updates. I love animation. I want to be an animator. As the days pass I feel myself being inspired more and more by cartoons. I can't go a day without watching a toon of sorts. I'd have to say that The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack is by far one of the best TV toons I've ever seen. It rings with qualities of Ren & Stimpy. It reminds me of the shows that inspired me to draw as a kid. Ha ha I think the earliest piece that my parents still have was in fact a ren and stimpy drawing that I did. I remember when they had the R&S comic book and I used to read it again and again. Well...let's be honest I just looked at the pictures. Hell, that's what i still do. I don't read comics, I just love the perty colors and the fantastic characters. Umm, Kung Fu Panda was also good, but honestly it wasn't as clever as I had hoped. You can tell it was a dreamworks picture. Disney always has such clever films. Clever in story and animation and it's been that way since Steamboat Willie really. I haven't seen much before that so I can't judge. But dreamworks is just slapstick bs. I don't care if Disney/Pixar is a mega giant forming films based on formula, they're creative when they do it and their animation is just leagues better. I'm going to say it, Dreamworks is Pixar's retarded alter ego. Simply Pixar wannabe. And I'm going to say this too. Shrek sucks, Antz sucked, Shark Tale sucked, Madagascar sucked. Shrek is awful, I stand by that. Antz was a rip of of A bug's life was way better and shark tale was just taking advantage of the Nemo/ocean buzz of the time. I'll tell you this too. Madagascar only got the hype because of all the stars in it. The Wild was freaking amazing, and it's story although similar, was so so so much better. And who made that if you even remember it? DISNEY. There I'm done. Dreamworks sucks & Disney/Pixar is GOD.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Steam Punk Contest Update

One of my friends on deviantart and I are doing a collab for this steam punk contest. I just thought I'd show you, aka no one, the color scheme I have going on with my flats.